The post just issued (“Ernie Watts, Brad Goode & Stylistic Diversity”) may have seemed more rambling than usual, and much shorter, not to mention incomplete, all for good reason. I was working on the article, got distracted and clicked on the ‘publish’ button, located just below the ‘save’ button, sending it out to the airwaves accidentally, long before it was finished. It’s a good thing I don’t work in the field of geopolitics or securities trading.

For those of you wondering what any of this abortive ‘post’ has to do with Ernie Watts or Brad Goode, well, you’ll have to wait until the rest of the article comes out. Not on this site, mind you, but in the next issue of WholeNote magazine. Yes, I’m afraid this is what may be called an “unintentional preview”, a pitfall of a butterfingers like me working in a digital, Internet medium such as this. I’m surprised I haven’t done something like this before and I’ll try to be more careful not to repeat it in the future…….but don’t hold your breath.

Mea Culpa and Cheers.



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