Sorry About That, Folks!

Recently a couple of readers pointed out to me by email that they have been unable to leave comments on this site as per usual, apparently it has been mysteriously asking for some sort of password and/or log-in, which seems both heavy-handed and sinister. I'm grateful to them for letting me know, I had no idea this was going on - as you may have gathered, I'm at a sub-Luddite level of techno-peasantry. Or to put it more bluntly, I just write this shit, I haven't the faintest idea about how to actually administer or maintain the nuts and bolts of the site itself. Not that I would ever compare myself to Willie Mays in any way, shape or form - even I'm not that crazy - but, as the Say Hey Kid once said when asked to compare several of his more mammoth home runs, "I don't compares 'em, I just hits 'em". Well said, Willie. I have no idea how or why this happened, or when for that matter; probably sometime in April. It certainly wasn't anything I did, or would want to, even if I knew how. It could have just been one of those cryptic "gremlins" that randomly play havoc with our techno-lives, or maybe it was the result of the automatic Word Press upgrades that happen periodically. I sincerely hope no one was offended or jumped to the conclusion I'd suddenly developed an exclusive, snooty attitude, or had simply tired of the comments, nothing could be further from the truth. I love getting comments, they're really the best perk of writing a blog - along with the stratospheric more [...]

In A Mellow Zone; Lax Reality

At the end of February my wife Anna went to visit her sister Fran, who lives in the little town of Courtenay, nestled in the Comox Valley on the east coast of Vancouver Island. It was part holiday, part nursing mission - Fran had to have some surgery done in Victoria and Anna is an excellent care-giver. I went out on March 24th to join them and give Anna a break, staying about sixteen days, which explains why I haven't written a blessed thing in some time. Let's just say that when you're in a setting this beautiful and relaxed, you get a little mellow, even if you don't partake of the local cannabis crop, which I didn't. Well...OK, a small toke once, a kind of "when-in-Rome" concession to the local economy. Apart from being chief cook, bottle-washer and dog-walker, I had nothing but time on my hands, which you would think might translate into a lot of writing. But there's something about being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, mountains, rivers, fresh air, bald eagles, seals and approximately sixty billion trees that keeps you away from the computer and pretty much anything else that might be considered "connected" or "productive" in any East Coast sense. You decompress a whole lot, find yourself slowing right down and marveling at the fact there are about fifty varieties of flowering trees here - magnolias, azalias and such - in full bloom, whereas it was twenty degrees below zero when I left Toronto. Or that the local mall looks pretty much like any other mall, until you more [...]