Leicester Leaps In

I never write about soccer, or as the English call it, football. In fact, I don't even follow it, not really. If I write about sports at all in these pages it will likely be about baseball, which isn't really a sport, but life itself played out on a perfect diamond-shaped patch of green. However, a piece on soccer is in order, because yesterday the Leicester City Foxes of the English Premier League achieved the most improbable and astounding victory in the history of sports since David slew Goliath with a stone propelled from his slingshot. The Foxes won the championship of perhaps the best league in all of soccer, defying both belief and description. Impossible. Shocking. The long-shot of long-shots. Incredible. Gob-smacking. A paper clip propelled by an elastic band, landing on the moon. That the Foxes did so without even taking the field only adds to the jaw-dropping improbability of the story. Second-place Tottenham Hotspur, whose symbol is some sort of fowl (get it? - foxes against hens!) needed a victory yesterday against Chelsea to keep alive their hopes of overtaking Leicester for the championship. Many consider the Spurs the better team, as they've scored more goals and allowed fewer than the Foxes. And Chelsea, a perennial power and last year's champion, have slid to tenth in the league, so the task seemed an easy one for the Spurs. Tottenham went up 2-0 in the early going, but Chelsea scored a goal in close off a free kick. Then late in the game, Chelsea's striker more [...]