The 2017 baseball season is barely underway and already it feels different than any in recent memory. For one thing, the Chicago Cubs begin the season as World Series champs, something that couldn't be said for the past 108 years. Even if you're not a Cubs fan, or a baseball fan for that matter, when an albatross this heavy is finally lifted it puts a spring in your step and brightens the world, if only a little. And for the first time in 20 years, baseball will be without David Ortiz. Big Papi went out in style with the greatest final season by a ballplayer ever and his retirement leaves a big hole in both the Red Sox and the game itself. But most of all, this baseball season will be different because for the first time in nearly seven decades, Vin Scully will not be broadcasting Dodger games. It's almost impossible to gain any perspective on this, but consider that most people retire at age 65, whereas Scully spent 67 years on the job. The unprecedented length of his career and his sudden absence create a paradox which seems inconceivable: how could he do something so well for so long, and yet, having defied all odds in doing so, how could he not last forever, how can he be.... gone? This is of course absurd, one can't begrudge Scully leaving with his head held high, still with a lot of game left. That would be churlish, as in: "He's retiring, already!? At 89? What, does he want to enjoy some leisure time or something? The selfish bastard!!" He'll be greatly missed, more [...]